"It's All 'N' the Crust" ................. Creating a Cobbler for Tomorrow!!!

About Church Cobblers

Thank you for visiting Church Cobblers, a top-notch cobbler shop in Northern California where online ordering is available.

When you think of quality desserts, you think of people like, Ruby N. Murchison, who made them for her church and family.  She was best known for her cakes and peach cobblers, and her dedication to baking inspired me to continue with her legacy of preparing and baking delicious cobblers.

My husband, Clarence Church, III, who loves cobblers, traveled many places throughout the country and had cobblers both favorable and unfavorable, but when he tasted mine for the first time, he was convinced that there was no other cobbler that could soothe his soul as well as the ones I've prepared for him; and thus, Church Cobblers was born.